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Social good for 

the modern age.

meet novel 

Novel is the next generation of consulting firm. We know that the future of businesses depends on their ability to create meaningful connection with their communities, and work to develop partnership and sustainability strategies that will help your company thrive in a market that increasingly demands authenticity, transparency, and social impact.

About Me

We'll help you create an innovative marketing strategy rooted in social responsbility & impact.



We'll revitalize your development strategy by creating mission-focused partnerships with local businesses.



We're celebrating pioneers of social change through our thought leadership movement,  #NOVELIDEAS. 


If you want to go fast, work with companies.

If you want to go deep, work with nonprofits.

If you want to go wide, work with government.

But if you want to go far, work with them all.

–– Parag Metha

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