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We believe that the future of social impact lies in the ability for businesses to realize the enormous amount of value they can offer to their communities and world. Novel's approach to business social responsibility strategy lies in leveraging the power of marketing to encourage businesses to adopt socially-responsible practices and engage deeper in the communities they work in.

Our ultimate goal is that businesses see social impact as one of their core values and ways to be successful in today's market. We're here to help you every step of the way!

  • Communications & Marketing Consulting: We'll work to develop a holistic marketing strategy that helps to increase brand loyalty, consumer engagement, and your ability to hit key benchmarks.

  • Social Responsibility Consulting: We'll develop strategies to help your business become more responsible — from sourcing to nonprofit partnerships and everything in-between!

  • Third-party sustainability certification (coming soon): Interested in taking your commitment to social good to the next level? Novel will soon be able to help your business obtain third party certifications (think B Lab, Fair Trade, etc.) that will help to further your impact.

  • Social impact assessments (coming soon): In addition to tracking your increased marketing footprint, Novel will soon be able to conduct in-depth social impact assessments showing your long-term impact on the communities you work with, in addition to providing recommendations on how your future business decisions will impact your local and global community.

    If you're a business interested in partnering with us, fill out the form below!


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