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For non-profits

Non-profits have always been at the forefront of social impact — but it's a hard road to go alone. Novel's approach to supporting non-profits includes surrounding them with a community of like-minded businesses and foundations that enable your organization to further their impact by bringing the best of your community into the picture.

  • Communications & Marketing Consulting: We'll work to develop an authentic communications strategy that drives community awareness and donor support.

  • Corporate Partnership Strategy Development: We're passionate about connecting companies to nonprofits, and will scout the best businesses to partner with your organization — who can support you with volunteers, brainpower, donations and more!

  • Event Outreach and Strategy Development: Events are an amazing way to reach your community, galvanize support, and amplify your mission. We love creating out-of-the-box events that do all of the above, and we'd love to work together!

    If you're a non-profit interested in partnering with us, fill out the form below!


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