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  • Jeanette Morelan

News We Loved This Week

While there are many difficult and important conversations happening in the news right now, it never hurts to celebrate the small wins. Here are a few corporate partnership "wins" we've seen in the past few weeks that have given us inspiration during hard times.

Allbirds x World Central Kitchen

As a former employee of José Andrés' disaster relief nonprofit AND an avid Allbirds fan, I couldn't be more excited about this new, long-term partnership between this sustainable shoe company and World Central Kitchen. Last week, Allbirds announced a limited edition collection of their Tree Dashers reflecting the colorful WCK logo — with all profits benefiting their global disaster relief work around the world. Allbirds has also pledged to ongoing support of WCK in helping them to go carbon neutral and providing shoes for the team on the ground.

Photo via Allbirds

Getaway x Rachel Cargle

Getaway, maker of tiny cabins and champion of unplugged rest, announced a partnership with educator and activist Rachel Cargle and The Loveland Foundation to offer 100 Nights of Rest to Black creators and activists. Recognizing that rest is an act of resistance is something we all need to remember, but creating this space specifically for the Black community was a bright spot this week.

Photo: Andrea Davis via Unsplash

Pendleton x National Park Service

I went camping for the first time earlier this month, and picked up a little camping guide at Target. Well designed and easy to read, it had a description of each of the national parks, as well as how Pendleton, a wool textile company, has donated over $700,000 from its National Parks Collection to support National Park restoration projects. I loved this little guide and the way it introduced me to camping, National Parks, and a new company I'll be proud to follow!

There's so much work to be done when it comes to standing up and caring for our communities — but taking hold of inspiration from other companies is keeping us inspired.

To doing good work!

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